Hampoo was founded in 2003, who is committed to being a leading one-stop hardware solution service provider.

We offer service including hardware solutions (ODM/IDH) and DMS (PCB design, Manufacturing, Component Sourcing & PCBA). As a national high-tech enterprise, we get hundreds of patents and copyrights in honor.

Over the past 15 years, we has accumulated a wealth experience in hardware design, high-speed PCB signal simulation and design, audio/video technology. There is a trusted relationship between us and the upstream companies like Intel, Microsoft, Rockchip as well as the downstream manufacturing enterprises. By the advantages of our unique IT system, we help our customer complete the work from products R&D EVT/DVT/PVT, small-batch production to high-volume process. More than 1 million PCBA with Intel processor were shipped in 2016.

Nowadays, our solutions have been widely used in various industries. More than 3000 worldwide high-tech enterprise customers give us a high praise and recognition.


  • Tablet Solution
  • Smart Speaker
  • Communication
  • Security
  • Medical
  • Industrial Control
  • Automotive
  • Education/Network Video
  • Transportation
  • Energy/Environment